Review: Mountain Warehouse Trek Zip-Off Women’s Trousers

As mentioned in my previous post about larger size women’s walking trousers or rather the lack of them, the lovely people at Mountain Warehouse very kindly sent me a pair of their Trek zip-off women’s trousers to test and review.

I was keen to test these trousers because Mountain Warehouse is the only manufacturer I can find in the UK with regular walking trousers available up to a size 22 and they are present on many towns High Street.The trousers I am reviewing are a size 18 Trek zip-off women’s trousers.

Made of a polycotton mixture (35% cotton, 65% polyester) these convertible trousers are lightweight at 360 grams and great for spring and summer use. I have worn them consistently over the last couple of months at work in the Shropshire Hills and out on local walks. They’ve been out in sun, rain showers and even been for a little scramble.
For everyday use, I find them comfortable and they fit me well with no tight spots or excessive bagginess.

Starting from the top, the trousers have a cerise waistband which in a moment of uncharacteristic girliness I grudgingly admit is a nice touch. It would be better still if it was a nice soft felt.
The waistband is semi elasticated and has a single button fastening. There are belt loops but no belt.

In terms of pockets you get two fairly deep handwarmer pockets and a zipped security pocket which I find invaluable for stashing keys and other ‘must not lose’ items. It has a ribbon zip pull which works well.
Next, you get one zipped back pocket and contained within that pocket is another velcro fastened pocket which drives me absolutely round the twist. I cannot put anything in the main pocket without it snagging on the inner pocket and frankly I don’t see the point.

Finally on the left side leg you get a velcro fastening thigh patch pocket which is wide enough to accommodate an OS map but not deep enough, leaving me with about a third of the map poking out and unable to fasten the pocket.

The legs zip off above the knee to become shorts and are of a reasonable length. 

That is it really, there are no frills, reinforced patches or ankle hem cinching chords and toggles, these are basic convertible walking trousers which I am happy to wear for day to day walking and activities.

The fabric contains 35% cotton which makes the trousers nice and cool but does mean they are not as wind resistant or fast drying as more synthetic materials, especially when sodden. The fabric also lacks stretch but that comes back to the fact that these are not technical trousers and do not purport to be.

The length is a bit on the long side for me and I have to turn the trousers up slightly despite being 5’8″, not an issue for the type of use they are getting.
The stitching in places is poor and even when the trousers were new out of the bag there were threads hanging from seams in the gusset and around the leg zips.

All that said, these trousers are fantastic value for money at the current sale price of £22.99 on Mountain Warehouse website, reduced from an RRP of £49.99.

For the full price, I would want the stitching to be better and the fabric to be of a higher quality.


  • Fit and comfort
    Range of sizes
    value for money on sale price
    Secure velcro fastening pocket in back pocket
    Quality of finish
    size of thigh patch pocket

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